‘Weight conscious’ mum of twins died after lethal taking cocktail of painkillers

A mum of identical twins suffering from anxiety died after taking a cocktail of unprescribed painkillers.

Leisa Foley was plagued with back pain and concerns about her weight, an inquest heard.

The 36-year-old was also suffering with her mental health issues as she looked after her four-year-old twin daughters at her flat in Plymouth, Devon, her sister told the hearing.

The Plymouth inquest was told the twins were not due to go back to nursery until August and a month before Leisa was suffering with anxiety and not sleeping well.

She had a GP phone consultation six days before she was found dead in her bedroom last July.

In that call she had memory loss and was ‘forgetting days’, it was said at the hearing.

Back in 2017, the new mum told how both her daughters have a killer disease after one of them suffered a heart attack.

Grace and Lilly Jeffery must now grow up without their mum after the tragedy.

Pathologist Dr Deborah Cook said obese Leisa died from the combined effects of the pills she had been taking – three of which were prescribed and four she obtained from another source as they were not available over the counter.

Dr Cook said patients mistakenly believe they are in control of the strong painkillers but she said ‘they are very difficult to control’.

She said the morphine related drugs can “depress the brain and breathing function and can account for sudden death”.

Leisa’s sister Rachel Foley said both the twins suffered with a heart condition and Leisa developed PTSD after she witnessed one of the girls having a heart attack.

Rachel said: “Her mental state was not good with lockdown in the flat with both the twins. Who got the drugs for her ? How was she getting them ? Was she buying it off somebody?”

Her family said Leisa was ‘unhappy about her weight’ and suffering with her back pain but said she was a ‘brilliant mother to the girls’ and devoted to them and would not have taken her own life.

Police found jiffy bags with blister packs of pills in her flat.

Senior Plymouth coroner Ian Arrow said Leisa died from the combined effects of taking five painkillers.

He recorded a conclusion of a drug related death.