Mum and dad in hysterics after baby gives perfect scowl moments after c-section

This grumpy baby was caught pulling a perfect scowl the moment she emerged from the womb – and her mum says it’s as though the “incredible sulk” knew Covid was on the horizon.

Little Jersey Leeming made it clear to everyone that she was distinctly unimpressed during mum Stacey Leeming’s ‘gentle’ c-section at Royal Preston Hospital.

Despite the soothing strains of Lana Del Rey playing gently in the background, the tiny tot sat for four minutes with her head poking out of her mum’s tummy looking furious.

The tiny terror then wriggled her body out of the incision and cried before snuggling into the delighted 33-year-old’s arms for seven hours.

Now the mum-of-four says it’s like Jersey, now two, “could see Covid on the horizon” when she entered the world in October 2018.

Stacey, from Preston, Lancashire, said: “It was amazing seeing her being born but it was also overwhelming to watch.

“When I saw the little face she pulled I just started laughing. You do understand though, she’s gone from being all cosy and warm to the bright lights of theatre.

“Seeing her for the first time looking like that was so cute, the first thing I saw was her bottom lip poking out, she was definitely the Incredible Sulk.

“The doctors left her sitting there for a good three minutes just sulking, the picture was perfect.”

Stacey said the past year of her child’s life has been characterised by the lockdown, which is “such a shame”.

The full-time mum booked a “gentle” caesarean in which the newborn essentially wriggles free them self, after very unpleasant C-sections with her three previous kids, Maddison Leeming, 13, Leo Leeming, seven, and Brooklyn Leeming, four.

She described her other births as “rushed and scary”, adding: “With Jersey I was dead set on wanting everything perfect and relaxed so decided on a gentle c-section.

“It was amazing seeing her being born but it was also overwhelming to watch. Everyone was happy, except the baby.

“She’s still just as grumpy now.”

Ahead of giving birth, Stacey opted to have a glam “mummy makeover” before giving birth to Jersey, plumping for a spray tan, tint and wax on her eyebrows, fake eyelashes and had her nails painted pink.

Stacey wanted to look picture-perfect so she could document the occasion, knowing this would be her final pregnancy.

“Because I’d had three c-sections before it would have been too dangerous to have labour, then they tied my tubes after that because it was too dangerous to have any more babies.

“I knew this was going to be the last time so I just wanted to feel my best…it was nice but sad at the same time.”

Stacey kept the pregnancy secret from everybody, apart from the grandparents, until she announced little Jersey’s arrival in the world on social media.

“I don’t know why I kept it quiet, it was just nice to keep it to myself,” she said.