Fuming neighbour begs couple to ‘meditate or eat cake’ after overhearing row

One way to alienate friends, neighbours, housemates and complete strangers is to leave them exhausted.

One fuming property owner was forced to leave a note for their noisy neighbour after it all came to be too much.

After overhearing them arguing in the middle of the night, they left a long note in the lift airing their grievances.

It was shared on Reddit – and lots of people were impressed by the owner’s alternative suggestions for the noisemakers.

The note began: “To the people who had that EPIC SCREAMING FIGHT in the EARLY MORNING HOURS.”

Undoubtedly, that should narrow down who is the intended customer of this direct plea.

It continued: “FYI, you don’t live alone in a f cabin in Montana.

“There are actual human beings living here within earshot and you woke us all up last night.

“Assuming you’re an adult, how about NEXT TIME you are feeling some kind of way and need to vent….meditate, or pray.

“Or eat CAKE. Just don’t wake us all up again or the pitchforks will come out you entitled little crybaby, piece of s* ahat.

“F*** all the way off.”

The note, left in a lift in Los Angeles, U.S, left people in stitches.

One person commented: “Love how it starts off reasonable. And ends in the way that they were feeling. I can relate… when the anger that you even had to take your time to communicate such obvious bull**** hits you at the end.

Another admitted: “Am I the only one who loves overhearing their neighbors fight? It doesn’t happen often here but when it does I am definitely cracking my window to try to hear the deetz. Especially if the yelling woke me up; I want that story to be juicy.”

A third joked: “I would have picked a side, too…”p.s. Cheryl you were wrong, it’s his mother for God sake.”